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Roller Garage Door Builder

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Unlike other Roller Garage Doors that are available on the market, ours are the easiest and quickest to install. This is due to 98% of the work being done at our manufacturing plant in the UK.

The slats used within our Roller Garage Doors are twin-walled aluminium and are insulated using CFC free foam. This polyurethane minimises heat loss and also helps insulate against sound (vitally important if your garage connects to your home). 

Our electric garage doors are a perfect design for smaller garages which are limited on space, unlike the up and over garages. Garolla roller doors allow you to have full use of your driveway and have head space too; we know this is a crucial factor for those with a one car drive or households with more than one car.

The paint finish applied to the laths of our garage doors is anti-corrosive and designed to provide an appealing, long lasting finish.

To ensure the quality of our Roller Garage Doors are up to standard, we only use components that have been tested and comply with European legislation.  All of our doors are also tested and visually inspected by our in house Quality Control team before being passed fit for despatch to the customer.


To improve security, our Roller Garage Doors have a bottom slat that is made from twin-walled aluminium and is held in place using high strength end locks. They are also fitted with a 25mm rubber seal to help prevent draughts or water entering your garage.

The auto-locking system is patented and comprises of a 70m octagonal barrel that attaches to the top lath. This octagonal barrel offers more protection than the round barrel traditionally used in garage doors.


When purchasing a Roller Garage Door two remote controls are issued as standard, with additional remotes available. The system is ‘Hold to Run’, sometimes known as a ‘dead man’s switch’, which means the system will automatically cease the moment you stop pressing the up or down button on the remote.

A wired push button for operation use is also included in our Garolla Roller Garage Doors package, this simply fixes to the wall of your garage, enabling you to open or shut your Roller Shutter Door without the remote control.