1. Garage Door Trends for 2019

    With the New Year fast approaching, now is the time to get a head start on all of the new trends coming in 2019. Home improvement projects are set to be all the rage this coming year, and what better way to kick off a fresh start than an updated garage.

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  2. Customising your Electronic Garage Door

    Garolla Roller shutter Doors are the perfect additional to any fashion-friendly, style conscious household. Upgrading your home’s exteriors, giving them a fresh and stylish appearance without faltering on security or functionality.

    As the nation’s leader in electronic garage doors, Garolla allows you to create a garage door that you can truly be proud of.

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  3. What happens during a Garolla Installation?

    So you’ve decided to order a Garolla roller garage door, but what comes next?

    From ordering to installation, we strive to make the whole process as quick and easy as possible. Combining our knowledgeable customer care team, with the expertise of our fitters, we can ensure the quality and speed of every single installation at Garolla.

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  4. Before and After: Garolla Garage Door Edition

    Is your garage looking tired? Paint flaking off? Door handle hanging by a thread?

    Why not invest in a Garolla Garage Door and reap the many benefits these state-of-the-art electric doors possess. Our staggering before and after photos speak for themselves, the transformative power of a roller shutter garage door really knows no bounds.

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  5. Traditional Vs Garolla Garages

    How do Garolla Garage doors compare with a traditional door?

    The fight is on, our Garolla Garage Doors take on your bog standard door in a battle of who does it best, to find out who wins when it comes to garage door supremacy.

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  6. Clear cut costing at Garolla Garage Doors

    There’s nothing worse than an unexpected bill, especially when you’re on a budget. Expecting something to cost X when it’s actually Y is a scenario we’d all like to avoid, and it’s why at Garolla we believe in being clear-cut about our prices.

    There’s no hidden charges or underhanded sales tactics, just high-quality electric roller garage doors at rock bottom prices.

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  7. The price is always right with our Garolla Garage Doors

    At Garolla we manufacture and install some of the best quality roller garage doors in the UK. We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction time and time again, providing thousands of homes with safety, security and priceless peace of mind. We do all of this at rock bottom prices, but what does your money really buy when you invest in a Garolla Garage Door?

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  8. Everything you need to know about a Garolla electric roller garage

    Wondering what an electric roller garage door costs? Or How safe they really are? Searching for the perfect garage door for your needs? Well look no further. This blog hopes to answer every question you could possibly have about our range of Garolla garage doors. We want our customers to be as informed as possible before purchasing, so we can deliver on our promise to give you the garage door of your dreams.

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  9. How much are our electric garage doors?

    Here at Garolla, we believe in complete transparency when it comes to our prices, so you get the garage door of your dreams without any nightmarish surprises when it comes to payment. We produce some of the best electric garage doors on the market that deliver on quality without compromising on price. 

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  10. Ease and Elegance – The Electric Roller Garage Door

    Garage Doors are often a blunt and brutish feature of your home, overlooked as an anonymous necessity. They can also be clunky, stubborn and awkward to use. But we don’t allow any of our other homeware to be anything less than convenient and attractive, so why allow our roller garage doors to be?

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